Crystalline Salt Factory

Crystalline salt factory was established in 2005 under the name of Al Rashed Food Industry (Industrial Registration No.8 - Commercial Registration No. 6457). That was accomplished in line with our company’s vision towards staying abreast of modern industrial developments in their various forms and obtaining excellence in meeting our customers’ requirements. We are considered as one of the first companies in the Middle East in the industry of crystallized salt.

Our factory utilizes modern technologies and international standards in the automated manufacture of salt. The factory produces many types of crystallized salt under the brand name ‘Al Rashed’ which includes:
1 - Crystal iodized salt: includes different kinds and package sizes
2 - Industrial crystallized salt: has similar uses as soft refined salt but achieves a higher effectiveness usage due to its high purity characteristics particularly in the food and converting industry.

Al Rashed Factory products achieve a global purity percentage of no less than 99% ( Sodium Chloride ) through the manufacturing process of crystallized salt which has proved to be the healthiest till date. This percentage is achieved by completely melting the raw sea salt ( which is imported from the Dead Sea), and then processing it in the laboratory so as to get rid of all the harmful impurities in it. After that, homogenous crystal salt grains are obtained by evaporating and drying . Finally, the salt grains are transferred to tightly-closed tanks which steer the salt to the packaging department in accordance to the product type.