Refined Salt Factory

We started work at the refined salt factory in 1995 under the company name ‘Zanobia’ (Industrial Registration No.6 – Commercial Registration No. 2082) and were one of the first-established companies specialized in salt manufacturing in Syria.
The factory produces all kinds of refined salt under the brand name ‘Lebanon’ which includes:
1 - Iodized salt
2 - All types of industrial salt. It is used in many industries including: detergent manufacture of various kinds, all kinds of food industries (dairy and cheese, confectionaries, biscuits, pickles and olives, thyme, chips, bread, and toasters and more) tanning leather and animal feed .... .

Products of the Lebanon factory are distinguished with high quality through the achievement of purity not less than 98% (Sodium Chloride) .This percentage is quite distinctive in the manufacture of refined salt ,Where the raw sea salt ( which is imported from the Dead Sea) is subjected to several stages of washing purified from harmful impurities that are normally present in crude salt then dried automatically to get rid of moisture, Finally, the salt is grinded and sorted in accordance to the size of the granules and the type of pack to be filled.